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The Tax Shelter is a professional income tax preparation and discounting service that has been serving Newfoundland and Labrador since 1974. After 45 years in business you can be assured that we will use every deduction and credit so that you receive the largest refund or pay the least amount of taxes.

We are the specialist in tax preparation ... this is not a sideline to a bookkeeping, accounting or financial business. Since our only business is tax preparation, we can give full attention to you the client, and to the preparation of your return.

We prepare all types of returns for all provinces (except Quebec) including personal, business, rental, foreign tax credits and capital gains.

If you would like to receive your tax refund immediately, our Instant Refund Service may be for you. When you walk into The Tax Shelter to have your return prepared, you can leave with your refund .... no waiting, no hassle and no second trips to the office.

All new clients can receive a Free Closer Look at last year's tax return to check for extra claims that others may have missed.

For year-round service call 1-866-720-7610

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